Gulnara Burhanova Reconnective Healing & Soul Transformation Therapy
in Bromley, Kent


Soul Healing Therapy offers to assist people on their path to well-being, harmony and life fulfilment.

This therapy involves energy healing and spiritual counselling to help people to re-align and live their true life purpose.

I am dedicated to helping people discover their inner wisdom and connect to their true potential.

These are the services that you can benefit from:

- Soul Realignment sessions that will boost your Soul Immunity and raise your vibrational frequency to align to better experiences in life. Clarity within creates clarity outside in life, transforming your experiences in all areas of your well-being.

- Soul Manifesting sessions that will equip you with knowledge and clarity how to manifest your desires with grace and consistency.

- Reconnective Healing sessions that will facilitate energy support and healing from Angelic and Higher Beings.

For those people who cannot attend my sessions in Bromley and Beckenham, Kent, I provide sessions over Skype internationally.

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Love and Light.


"The day I spoke with Gulnara was a particularly difficult day for me. She was amazing; even just speaking with her on the phone she was caring, friendly and gentle, and what she told me not only helped me cope in a healthy way with the situation I was going through, but also was so strikingly insightful, I felt like she had read my mind. She just got everything right about me. I hadn’t known I needed to hear what she told me, and when she did I felt like I had just been waiting to hear it my whole life. Gulnara truly has an amazing gift, and I cannot thank her enough. Bianca P. "

"Talking to Gulnara was like recovering old and very valuable memories. Everything fell into place after the talk and many experiences of this life time started making much more sense. I greatly appreciate the manner in which Gulnara delivered the message: clear, structured, friendly, supporting and encouraging. " Nadia, founder of

"I can't describe how amazing I am feeling after my akashic record reading, I literally feel like a new woman but i'm actually just the real me again. I discovered during my reading I had been wearing a negative shell to protect myself from some trauma I experienced a few years ago and this shell has caused all kinds of issues in my life, I felt the shift of the shell being released even before I spoke to Gulnara and found out what had been done. The information from the session has empowered me more than anything else I have ever done (and there has been lots!) and I feel so excited for the future and to finally be able to move forward after being stuck for so many years. If you're considering a reading with Gulnara please just go for it!" Vicky Drake.

"It was a wonderful and unbelievable experience for me. True heart, sincerity, expertise and totally dedicated work. Thank you, thank you so much for the excellent and accurate analysis you’ve done am deeply grateful for the help given to me... you have accurately found out the concerns that are bothering me and you are so professional, your words touches the heart and healing starts happening... Dr. Ashok Muhtukumar

"Gulnara did my Akashic Record and I was amazed at how accurate it was regarding my personality energies. It all resonated with me and gave me a clearer understanding of how contacts/vows made many lifetimes ago were still impacting in my life. I would recommend this to anyone - it's life changing. Thank you xx" Lorraine B.

"Gulnara's sensitivity and extraordinary intuition have taken me to the most special and wonderful places within, and her privileged connection with spirit renewed my faith, hope and confidence deeply." Alexandre T.

"For few months my child has been waking up during nights from having nightmares. After just one session of clearing with Akashic Records it all stopped. We couldn't be more grateful and happy. " Natasha B.

"To have access to the life’s journey of our soul, to have access to what our soul has intended to do is precious, even more at this time of our humanity. As much as the planet earth is a wonderful place to be, it’s also a world created with some many different ways, views to live and behave and act on our goals than often we find ourselves being overwhelmed by what’s happening out there economically, politically and socially. Also we make choices, decisions consciously or more often unconsciously on a daily basis based on the way we have been shaped by our childhood and the experiences we had on our journey. From time to time, we may wander on another direction and we may get lost or feel unsettled in our lives. A soul plan is a guide given to us to clarify, to ease, to bring comfort to our heart.
A soul reading provides the clarity, about who we are , the core of our being and the intentions we set as a soul before to come on this planet.
It’s one thing to know this ancient system but it’s another to be able to read it and being able to be in tune with each soul plan journey and giving to each individual that guidance.
Gulnara has that gift. She is a authentic soul reader but also a healer as she is also gifted to do that and so highly sensitive to be able to help us release what blocks us on our path and heals what needs to be healed.
She is One with the Source."
Dora Ananda, Holistic Counsellor at

"You are in for a treat with Akashic Records! Gulnara is simply amazing, so accurate, so healing, so gentle and clear!! what a gift I have received! " Dr. Veronique Ryan, founder of Mindful Family.

"I have two words, WOW and amazing, thank you so much Gulnara" Marion Morley.

" Dear Gulnara,
I’d like to share my thoughts and feelings after your healing and Soul Transformation session we had recently. You really helped me in my inner journey, leading me with no pressure, very gently, and in a positive manner. I felt protected, safe, and at the same time ready to go within, further and further.
I experienced real changes in my life after the sessions. I became more open and tolerant towards people and life situations, my days got lighter and I started enjoying life as never before. It happened naturally, I was not thinking or registering with my mind the transformation, I simply enjoyed it!
I am thankful for your healing and guidance you gave me, for enabling my inner strengths to get mobilized. For me, you have not just a gift but a mission to lead people finding and communicating with their souls. Thank you! " Aneta I.

"Reading with Gulnara was nice, soul-lifting experience. I experienced her as warm, compassionate and dedicated to her work, and this was bringing me sense of safety and trust. I feel that kind of attitude is crucial in such intimate readings as it is Akashic Record reading. And yes, I do feel changes inside. What happened is that after Soul Realignment was done, I reconnected with my Inner Voice that I always had, but previously had troubles accessing it. I also use presence of Spiritual Guides that were given to me. So this is my biggest take away from session with Gulnara, feeling more connected to my Soul and my guides. And my spiritual gifts and lesson. Quite a lot, isn't if? Blessings and Lots of Light." Tina B.

" Gulnara put me at ease straight away. She has a naturally calming aura and a gentle yet transformational healing approach. She facilitated a powerful session for me that shed light on an issue which I was unaware was affecting me and for that I am truly grateful. Her wisdom and compassion shines through in her work. Thank you Gulnara." Marilys L.D.

" I'm very glad I had Soul Plan readings done by Gulnara for myself and my daughter. It was striking how, first of all, these reflected what I already knew or thought to be true, providing reassuring confirmation. The aspects outlined by the Soul Plan helped to explain and clarify current behaviours and tendencies my daughter is exhibiting. I have no doubt that the bigger picture provided by the Soul Plan will help me to provide a better support for my daughter to face her challenges and to maximise her potential. Gulnara's natural clairvoyant and intuitive abilities add to the inherent wisdom of this ancient system and make the readings very deep and personal. " Tatiana. V.

''Gulnara has an amazing energy. Her wisdom and guidance healed my soul from a pain I carried for most of my life. Thank you." Belinda M.

" Everything you told is correct. My soul plan is the greatest gift I received in my life.. .Thank you!" Julian. M

"I would describe Gulnara as a nurturing and soulful teacher, guide and healing practitioner who works from the light and the Source." Marianna K.

"Gulnara resolved a hard challenge I was facing in my family. Healing I received was deep and transformative. I have no doubts in recommending her services to other people. Thank you!" Maria Dominique.

"Well, I really needed someone to shake me up and open my eyes to myself. And that is what my Soul Plan did to me." Jamal P.

"I feel very inspired by a session with Gulnara. She has great insight and is very intuitive and gentle in her approach. The session has is given me a greater understanding of my life and helped me to feel more connected to and at ease with my true self." - Patricia

“Working with Gulnara Burhanova has been a life changing and for me a real personal journey of transformation... she shines her own Light for you almost like finding a familiar friend, coming home.

To finally be able to Embrace my own Light. 🌟🌟💛

Understanding and resolving what was happening with my physical body and being able to embrace something I didn’t understand, because I was desperate, has really changed my life.

Gulnara’s work is profound and has tested me on so many levels, but within that I have grown immensely, evolved and finally found myself, found out who I truly am ❤️

Gulnara is so caring, gentle and is always there to offer support which cannot be quantified or measured, as there were times when it was so uncomfortable and difficult personally, but to have Gulnara’s love and support to come through that, was what got me through.

I will be forever grateful to Gulnara and still continue to work with her as her gifts and work and the results are immeasurable.

Our Soul’s ability to show us on a physical level through our body and through illness the healing that is needed for our Soul,never ceases to amaze me. 🙏

I’ll be forever grateful to Gulnara for shining her light on me and allowing her gifts and healing to help me to see my own light..

Gulnara has such a great message to share for us all. 🌟🌟

With Huge Love and Gratitude. 💖” Sarah Impey, founder of

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